This event was part of my Reading St Cuthbert’s Way tour and definitely a highlight! Old Melrose is the site of the Anglo-Saxon monastery where St Cuthbert started his vocation and went on to become prior. The site is a promontory surrounded on three sides by the River Tweed; it is in private hands and not normally open to the public, but our walk leader, John Henderson, has permission to take groups round on an occasional basis. It is a beautiful and tranquil site, little changed in 1400 years, and we were blest with glorious weather for our visit.

The event started with my talk, focussing on Cuthbert’s time at Old Melrose with readings from ‘Cuthbert of Farne’, followed by the guided walk. Our afternoon finished with a delightful afternoon tea provided by the Old Melrose tea-rooms, who also kindly hosted the talk. Huge thanks to them, to John Henderson and all the people who joined us for this special day.