About my writing

I write prose fiction, both short stories and novels.

I grew up in an old house in Northumberland where the bookshelves were still full of Edwardian children’s books. I was an avid reader and devoured the Children’s Encylcopedia, Grimms Tales, Struwelpeter, the Adventures of Robin Hood, Andrew Lang’s Fairy Books – Blue, Green, Crimson and many more. The Convent I attended added a Catholic perspective with the Life of St Bernadette and many more miracle stories. When I was exiled to boarding school I turned story-teller myself and kept the dormitory awake far into the night.

Now, many lives later and back in Northumberland, I have started telling stories again. When I started to explore the history of Anglo-Saxon Northumbria and of its favourite saint and his community, I discovered a rich vein of fascinating and little-known traditions. I felt they had to be told.

A preoccupation in my writing is to do with the liminal – with thresholds between past and present, between the immanent world and the transcendent. I am interested in the way the distant past continues to be present to us today, and in the spiritual presence of place. In the lives of my characters, I seek to focus on dreams, insights and experiences that transcend the apparently mundane rhythms of life.